Crash Hero!

NVDA Developers and bug smashers! ATTENTION! This is an important announcement from the department of release stability management. Recently, a new member joined the NVDA community. Her name will remain anonymous, but you may refer to her as the crash hero. In fact, she is the first NVDA superhero. She exhibits her superpower in the form of an NVDA Add-on that can save all your crash dumps in a folder of your choosing on your computer and she does this automatically when NVDA reboots after a crash.

She even asks you what you were doing before the crash, and logs it in a messages file. With her completely accurate perception of time and date, you will always know when crashes happened, because she names each crash as a timestamped folder inside your crashes directory. Let the crash hero save you from having to remember where to find the crash dump and keep track of what exactly you were doing before a crash occurred.

Now that I've introduced the crash hero, on behalf of the crash hero, I would like to invite you to experience the thrill of never having to open your temp directory and frantically save the crash somewhere when a crash happens in the middle of a homework assignment or business meeting. The crash hero will save crashes in your user folder by default, but by selecting the crash settings item in your NVDA preferences menu, you can pick a custom folder to log all of your crashes in! The crash hero is here, and the crash hero is ready to help you if you are someone who regularly runs snapshots of NVDA so that you or other developers can catch bugs before they sting the general masses.


Source code (The crash hero is only made stronger by others contributing):