Song poem

A sea so vast, untamed, wild and free,
Songs like waves pick me up and throw me down;
The mighty ocean of music gives me hope, shows me the way,
to emotions unseen, dreams and empathy.
For every song there is an emotion, and every emotion a song,
Sail that untamed ocean, alert and full of life,
Brace your ship for the big waves, waves that may make you laugh and cry;
Embrace your lover in the calm tropical waters,
for winds do not lead away from the tropics of love.

In the whirling turbulence of your life,
Let music guide you, Music, like Polaris will show you the way to lands unseen.

Music, a force not to underestimate, music, oh powerful music,
Bring me joy, bring me sorrow,
Take my emotions oh lovely music, may they fly away on the sweet breeze of a song.

Lovely emotions, cruel dark emotions,
Songs do sing them; songs can describe them;
Songs will show them to friends’ unknown,
Friends, in empathy may help other friends through the murky water,
To fuel up the tugboat of friendship.