Weather app

This is a web app implemented with django that aims to present weather data in  a simple format. I host this on my website running in a django instance. I currently am copyrighting this under the GNU agpl license because I want anyone who wishes to see my code to be able to see it. The core of this app came from a python based command line weather app I wrote to play around with the dark sky companies API. see for more info on the quite nice weather API they provide.

how it works:

It uses the native javascript location api to get the users current (quite precise) location. It then loads the weather data requested asyncrinously through ajax. On the back end, I am using post requests and a simple api located at /weather/forecast. Logic decides which subpage to load based on the parameters given in the request. I would do this differently if I rewrote this, it's a pile of junk how it works, but it was my first web app, so hey. The front-end presents most things textually. I may use the platform I have built to explore audio representations of weather radar. I built a little hacked together weather chart where I map tones to temperature and volume to chance of precipitation. I might explore using 3 dimensional audio and other factors to represent weather phenomena in a audio weather map, for once giving the blind the ability to see oncoming rain storms or threats from thunder or just to look at the next hours radar like a sighted friend might.