The Bitter Sweet Autumn

This poem is meant to reflect on the sorrow of unexpected things that occur in life, and the process of coming to piece with ones self over the loss.

My Favorite poem I have written:

The bitter sweet autumn,

Bitter sweet autumn;

During the month of great pride;

In A week of enjoyment,

But the summer did end at last.

End of summer, end of summer, times shall change,

The day of change came,

A sad day;

sad day, sad day, depressingly sad day,

a harsh reality,

A reality of sadness and sorrow;

An unknown surprise.

A surprise, a surprise, a nasty surprise;

But on the other side,

Oh on the other side,

There was a spark of sweetness,

So Complex and so fine;

This spark of great wisdom,

It showed itself to all;

Oh spark of great wisdom, spark so majestic;

For all who did see it,

And for all who did not;

This spark of great wisdom,

It made itself shine.

It shined, it Shined, it fluorescently shine,

Over all the rest;

That sad little blip,

Oh how it was gone.

It was gone for good, and so was the summer,

It never came back.

The past, the past, that beautiful past,

It was gone for good;

And never came back.