Heaven and Hell


If hell were to exist, what could it be,

If hell were to exist, who would it please?

Hell is a place where all are tortured,

a loving and good god would not invent that!

Sadness and sorrow exist to us humans,

If our god exists and we worship him,

We must give recognition of his pain of our sorrows!

Hell is not real,

These lines explain;

Hell is not consistent with god’s moral values.

Message to the sophists (those  who use hell to make their point)

Sophists pass hell from generations before,

They believe in hell falsely.

sophists and their follower’s,

believe in hell blindly,

beliefs which come from a simple misunderstanding.

If you are a sophist, do not take offense,

This is not a ridicule,

It’s a proof of no hell.

Hear my words, believe in heaven.

Hell in its current form

Hell exists and all get punished,

Hell tortures all, at and a god lets it be;

That god punishes all, even the good,

He punishes on belief, not on lively goodness.

Why that god should be worshiped is a mystery.

The problem with Hell.

Hell is a terrorists friend,

Hell is the elite’s mental torturing post,

Do not believe in hell,

Humanity needs forgiveness, and so does our god.

The words I say are not absolute truth,

I speak my mind, without deep knowledge of religion.

An evil king choose who went to heaven and hell,

A king invented hell to scare the masses;

He Modified the scriptures to scare non-believers,

He abused his power, just like they do today.

Middle ages went by, as people purchased a place in heaven,

They paid to gain access,  they truly didn’t believe.

The master to his slave says on hot summer’s day,

“You’ll go to hell you retched slave,

Do your work, god gave me authority;

I believe in him,

I’ll go to heaven surely;

If you do your job for me until you die,

You’ll go to heaven forever where all is good.

If you fail to slave for me ,

you’ll regret. For eternity;

You’ll have worse than now,

Slave, you’ll be sad forever.

I am gods will, I am powerful.

You’ll burn forever,

Retched slave,

While I live in comfort;

It’ll be  like right now.”

Hell is anti-religious,

Here is why;

Religion is power when forced upon those against will;

Hell is a way to oppress the uneducated,

Hell makes everyone cringe.

Hell, and hell’s power,

Often scare children;

Hell works to convince people of falsities.

Why it exists in the modern age,

Why hell can flourish among educated free humans?

God created the universe and set it free,

we wish to believe he is good and loving;

We should not tell our children they will burn if they don’t believe.

Believe in heaven

The purpose of religion was to unite us all,

Religion cares for the poor and gives us hope;

Those of us who believe in heaven,

We must stand big and tall;

Help the poor and unite us all,

God wants us to do this for them all.

A loving god shall except us all,

We shall be rewarded for good and moral deeds;

To help the poor is to help god,

For he is part of us all.

To believe in hell is to pain the great god,

It is our moral authority to enlighten them all,

That Heaven shall except us all;

If Heaven will except us all,

Why don’t we?