A Riddle in Poem Form

It is unknown to most,

Though Its correctness can be shown;

It is beautiful to some, and hated by the rest,

What is it?

It wants to be loved; it is a social thing,

If it were completely known some would go insane,

For many have gone insane over it already.

If it had a price tag it would be hard to calculate without using it, and it is priceless in many ways.

It cannot be quantified,

both tiny or massive,

In fact, it can’t be comprehended in full by the best of us.

The universe can’t show it’s true beauty at its fullest height,

If that were so, it’s beauty would be less so.

Time and space don’t exist to it,

Although it rules them so;

Love and beauty are made from it,

and it rules over them as well!

What is it?


Well, I guess someone will love the problem of decoding this answer. Let’s hope that they are familiar with \t\s

The code is between the dashes.




Well, I guess there are only n possibilities at this point,

And What about that email you got last night?

Cute cat, ain’t it?